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About Intoda


Personal care:

  • Actives/ Plant cells

  • Rheology modifiers

  • Surfactants

  • Anti-oxident

  • Oils/ Essential oils

Home care 

Industrial cleaning :

  • Optical Brightener

  • Surfactants

  • Rheology modifiers

  • Anti-fungal agents

  • Green acid

  • Essential oils

  • Solvents



Intoda Specialty Co., Ltd, found in 2011, is a chemical trading company in Taiwan. With innovative and solid technical supports from our valued suppliers, we provide unique raw materials in cosmetic industry and home care filed with extraordinary performance. From state- of- the- art ingredients to basic raw materials of formulation, we can fulfill the requirement of market trend and make our customers developing best formulation.


Intoda promotes the rheology modifiers from Rheolab Inc, a UK/US base company. According to different ionic property, we provide the suitable product to skin care and hair care to meet required quality and sensory feel as well as to household products in line with wide range of pH value.


Naolys, a french company, manufactures and markets cosmetic active ingredients made with a biotechnology based on cell multiplication: cosmetic cell actives for skin care and hair care. Intoda introduces Naolys plant cells over 60 species into Taiwan cosmetic market.


Besides, we are selling APG, the natural source of glycoside and cationic surfactants of softeners from LG. We also have essential oils and tea saponin in our products range as well as sourcing special ingredients upon customers’ requirement. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.

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